Fit Classes

Fitness No.1 Health Club now has over 10 different group fitness classes to choose from. Running from as early as 05:45am to 08:30pm, come in and challenge yourself in one of our many fitness classes.

Fit X

Our version of Cross Fit, Fit X is a strength & conditioning program of high intensity & functional movement using body weight, exercise, gymnastics & Olympic weightlifting.

Fit X improves fitness, strength, power & weight loss. Classes consist of warm up, skill development, high intensity WOD (workout of the day) & stretching. Let Fit X physically prepare you for whatever life throws your way!


An Athletic Fitness class using as the name suggests a step platform used to elevate yourself up and down off for a complete body work out with a focus on the lower body.


Cycle or as some might call it Spin, is a fitness class that utilises Spin bikes for a 45-60session of peddle power in our customised spin room.

Fitness Pump

Pump is a muscle toning & Endurance class using weighted barbells with light weights for high repetition. Weight and repeti tions can be varied by participants to suit all levels of fitness.


A fitness class in disguise, Zumba is a fun filled dance class that fuses Latin rhythm with easy to follow moves to create a dynamic & enjoyable workout.


A fitness class that incorporates the basics of boxing that allows you release any built up frustration while getting in a workout.


Short for Abs, Butts and Thighs and as the name suggests a class that focuses on the three key areas which every women would like to improve.

Cardio Blast

A high energy workout designed for those who like to sweat. Utilising a number of different cardio pieces of equipment with minimal choreography.

Tae- Bo

A total body workout that incorporates martial arts techniques such as kicking and punching. Effective in toning and defining the body, it also helps improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

Body Tune

Why not tune up your body with a quick strength and condition-ing routine that focuses on core strength.


Focusing on correct body alignment whilst stretching and strengthening the body from within.